Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | October 19, 2010

and hello from the Farming Show!

“Um, ah, well, not much lately, I must admit…..”

Sorry! Talking with Jamie Mackay on the Farming Show on Radio Sport today and he asked what was on my blog…. and I had to admit to being too busy to write here lately!

I had a big Young Country and then Country-Wide deadlines last week and am now doing some work for a few other clients (plus PTA BBQ fundraiser tomorrow and kids Lamb and Calf Day tomorrow!)

That’s what I should have said – faked it then hurriedly written something about the kids lambs! Never been quick on my feet….

So, I’m off for a coffee to enjoy the sunshine then back in to write a blog about lamb and calf day.

I’ll put a link to today’s interview on the Farmg Show page later on today.


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