Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | September 19, 2016

Another week ahead


Hi – this is me, trying to rejuvenate my personal writing on because after all, I pay for domain.  The legs aren’t mine, they belong to Tania Kerr, who I wrote about in NZ Farmer this week. No, she’s not kicking the lambs – she’s trying to walk without kicking the lambs! Tania can spend time feeding orphan lambs this month while hundreds of other council wannabes are out campaigning because she’s been re-elected unopposed for the second time.


The logo and business details for communiKate have recently been updated. This is my serious journalistic side so I tend to concentrate on LinkedIn and Facebook for Business for promoting my work. But this blog has been sadly neglected in recent months.

Instead of saving my NZ Farmer and other client stories across to here (I will do some but you can see them regularly on @communiKateTaylor  on Facebook) this is for the musings of rivettingkatetaylor. All the views will be my own and no correspondence shall be entered into. If you don’t like my views, don’t tell me, just go somewhere else. Opinions are just that. They’re not right or wrong, they’re opinions.  The foundation behind them might be flawed… but they’re still not wrong.

And by the way, I’m never wrong. HAHA.

So. Happy Monday.





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