Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | October 28, 2010

Lamb and calf day

Another successful lamb and calf day has been held by the Rangitoto Girls and Boys Agricultural Club.

Hosted alternately by Takapau and Norsewood Schools, this event is awesome!

Unlike pet day, where animals of all shapes and sizes from poultry to horses to dogs, cats and even goldfish (or nature creatures) can be judged on cuteness or fancy dress – lamb and calf day is definitely, completely rural.

The meatiest lamb (most likely to be eaten) always wins the champion ribbon and, although we haven’t been involved with that side of it, I’m sure the best looking calf always gets the top prize there too.

There are five main sections in our lamb classes – care and attention, leading, catch and call and meat and wool (depending what breed your lamb is – one or the other!)

Champion of Champions went to a large black face from Norsewood, reserve champion went to a large black face from Norsewood. No room for Takapau this year. Even the Whetukura Shield, highly contested (by the parents anyway) was won by Norsewood. Maybe we’ll have to dose ours up a bit more before next year!

Here’s a selection of pics – my lot and some good photos of others!

Sarah & Splash and Lachlan & Tufty will all their ribbons from 2010 lamb and calf day


Sportsmanship - Sarah shakes hands with Aydan, 2nd placed to highly commended in the senior meat section

Sarah and her friend Splash

more judgingLachlan and Tufty won their red ribbon in the catch and call - even though the only time I think Tufty likes us is when we have a bottle!!!

They won a red ribbon for best group of three lambs for Takapau school - from left Tom Lourie, Maggie Lourie and Matthew Wyn-Harris

And when it comes down to it, this year’s competition was a lot fairer than last year’s for Lachlan – his lamb lived long enough to compete!  

See our success with Diesel in 2007 and our tears with Golly in 2009.


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