Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | December 19, 2022

Monday mornings

Dear Monday. I want to break up. I’m seeing Tuesday and dreaming of Friday. It’s not me; it’s you.

It feels like this is going to be a week where I’m going to be asking if it’s Friday, by 10am this morning.

I have some stories to write (make that quite a few) for NZ Hereford magazine, of which I am editor, and some planning to do for Stuff’s Farming First features in Waikato and Taranaki for mid-January. That’s not too horrific.

Tomorrow is one of those days that you wonder what you were thinking when you planned hair, osteo, ears, eyes and coffee all on the same day (saving mileage…) Add a work farewell and a tangi to that, drinks with my antenatal girls (even though the babies are now 22) and maybe some housework (settle down Kate, that’s getting serious).

“Even the best weeks start with a Monday.” And this one ends with Christmas x



  1. Welcome back, hope you find time to breathe today.

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