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Here are some favourites of mine from the past.

Grand Final of the ANZ Young Farmer Contest (almost all photos are mine)   Contest News June 2013

National Farming Review – One plan to rule them all

Young Country Back to School feature

Young Country Family Ties feature

The Cut – winning the physical battle





  1. Hey cousin Kate.. just found this site because Ruthie sent me a Quake map. Are you affected? Daddy’s young cousin was in the big Napier one, in a shop with her mother trying on school shoes..ran out of the shop which collapsed behind them ..and was in a state because she still had a shoe in her hand. Just what a child feels – the personal rather than the global. She became deaf for a while..shock .. eventually recovered.
    Rural news from Guernsey? Just had the West Show, complete with mammoth pumpkins and children’s garden-on-a-plate contests. Favourite was a sheep dog demo with Indian running ducks. And a valiant shearer struggling with terrible gear and fat sheep on a trailer .. but it made me really nostalgic for the old days as a rousie back home. Not much practice here – lucky to find a hundred ewes here – all plump and cosseted.Talking of Indian matters – Patrick off to Delhi for Commonwealth Games, men’s singles, maybe mixed doubles too ..brill ..and a great opportunity for a family jaunt. I expect the cows are still wandering about – let’s hope no pats on the courts. What a pun. Too late – 4 am and have been watching the Fed express v Soderling. Swimming 6 30am so hardly worth going to bed. You’re so advanced in NZ you’ve nearly finished tomorrow. Hope it was fun and love to you all . Clare X

    • Hello cousin Clare!!!! lovely to hear from you and lovely to have you reading my blog. Have been a bit quiet on the quake front on the blog as September is my busiest month and Thomas is also out of sorts with shoulder surgery. However, I shall have to write one tonight as I experienced a 5.3 just before!!!! Still rocking and rolling.

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