Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | December 21, 2022

It’s not raining!

There used to be a saying in Hawke’s Bay. If you want to break a drought, schedule an international cricket match at McLean Park in Napier. Bingo. Rain.

Yesterday, my district council put roading team backup and comms in place in light of a Met Service heavy rain warning for up to 20-30mm of rain an hour over five to six hours. Our region is absolutely sodden (it’s literally been raining since May) and every time it rains, it exacerbates the issues with slumps, slips, fallen trees and potholes.

It rained a bit over night, but the estimated 70 to 100mm didn’t eventuate and this morning, there’s this bright yellow thing in the sky…

For clarification, this is not a shot at the Met Service forecasting. It is forecasting; prediction of what MAY happen! But I, for one, am pleased this time, the forecast was wrong.

This shot is taken out my office window. I’ve gone for a low angle so you can’t see the lawn (forest of grass) because it hasn’t been mowed for weeks (because of the rain remember!)


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