Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | October 15, 2010

Silver Ferns turn into golden Ferns!

Training and preparation – $thousands.

Airfares and accommodation – $thousands.

Supporters yelling and screaming back in NZ – thousands.

Watching the Aussies when the Silver Ferns won gold? Priceless.

Sleeping last night was difficult – I was on such a high. At quite a few stages of the gold medal match between the Silver Ferns and Australia at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi I felt physically sick. I did not want to see a smug and triumphant smile on Sharelle McMahon’s face.  I wanted to see Casey Williams and her team with grins from ear to ear. And finally, after extra extra extra time, I did.

It was fantastic!!!!!

Photo "borrowed" from

Casey was inspirational. She showed guts, passion, determination, skill, focus, sportsmanship and played through the pain barriers (how many times did we see her blinking away knocks to the head and running off a twinge to an ankle or cramp? Lots!)

Maria shot like a dream. Scarlett showed great prowess as an impact player at WD (Henry is still my favourite player though) and Barret-Chase needs to be recognised for the quality WA she really is. The experience and cool heads of George and van Dyke  (what was she thinking with that long shot at the end of extra time?)  The gusto of Langman and the growing skills of Katrina Grant.

Seeing the passion on the faces of the team on the benches – they were on their feet, screaming and yelling with the rest of us at home (Thomas was in bed but had no doubt of how the end of the game was going – I think the neighbours would have heard me).

It was A W E S O M E !!!!



  1. Kate – I like you, didn’t want to see ‘that look’ on the face of the ozzies, so much so, I TURNED IT OFF at the end (nearly) of the first extra time.. we were a goal down, and they had the pass… only to wake up this morning to the wonderful news.. now I am trying to find a replay!

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