Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | June 4, 2010

Have you had stock stolen?

It’s about time an indepth story was done on the extent and cost of stock theft in NZ.

As a freelance journalist, it’s something I could sink my teeth into.

So…. if you have any stories or contacts you could pass on, please do so!

A link attached to Facebook for my Stolen Stock blog the day before yesterday attracted some good stories from the South Island, including one where a pen of sheep at the local sale raised a red flag with some farmers…. on investigation, pen counts had differed overnight and someone had entered a pen of stolen sheep! The cheek.

It’s the same story as the lollies stolen from a corner dairy. Not worth much? What about $1 times 10,000+ dairies and supermarkets in the country. It adds up.  Farmers think lambs should be worth more…. it would help if they still owned them at the time of slaughter!



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