Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | June 16, 2016

New face for Gisborne/Wairoa Feds

Reynolds puppy

Charlie Reynolds is the new president of Gisborne-Wairoa Federated Farmers (pictured with heading dog pup Sprite).

“Roads are my big concern but also farmers have lots of other things to worry about at the same time… things like health and safety and water plans. Many of those types of issues are looked at by our head office staff and elected people but we need to keep up with it all to make sure Gisborne and Wairoa don’t get left behind. We’re trying to avoid that “one size fits all” plan that just isn’t applicable on Gisborne hill country out the back of Tolaga or Motu.”

Read more about his farm and what drives him to take on politics…




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