Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | May 25, 2009

bust fingers and lingerie

The past few weeks have been pretty quiet – you’d think that would give me more time to blog.

But no. It has been quiet because I am nursing a bust finger and it has taken me longer to type these few lines than it did to finish the four rural features I have being published in the Dominion Post on Thursday.

So if there are any typos today – tough tittie!

Netball, netball, netball, when will I learn to retire? Last year it was a foot at the first practice of the season. At least this year I got to the first game. Thank goodness I can still do the aerobic circuit at practice and umpire on Saturdays.

But the lack of squash and golf is driving me nuts. I had my handicap down to 39 too.

So what else have I been doing? Going to lingerie parties of course (much to hubby’s delight – I don’t know what the boys think goes on at these things but it doesn’t involve partial nudity!)

Sore finger. More tomorrow.



  1. Symnpathy for the finger & cognratulations ont he features – will they be on line?

  2. Sadly, for my reputation but not for the pay packet, they are advertising features – one Angus page, one general bulls page and one each on Farm Environment Awards and Young Farmer Contest. So no, not online!

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