Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | June 9, 2009

skating on thin ice

Thanks Mum, for your awesome driving last night – black ice could have claimed four of the five Rivett girls at the same time.

I have just returned to the North Island after four days in Otago for a family funeral. Sad reason for the visit, but great to see so many cousins and my mum and sisters.

We were driving from Wanaka to Dunedin and came across the ice on the Beaumont side of the Raes Junction hill.  Fortunately a road that Mum knows well and fortunately for us, in conditions that Mum knows well.

No panic on her part – just thrust down the gears, steer with the slide and don’t for goodness sake touch the brakes. And slide we did. Most of the way down the hill.

We flicked our lights furiously at the next oncoming vehicle to warn them – luck would have been on our side had we crashed – it was an ambulance!



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