Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | March 5, 2009

Basin, shower, bath and loo (x2)

Why on earth would anyone want to buy a bathroom vanity with two basins. For goodness sake.

A. Can’t we share?

B. Why make yourself clean two basins for nothing?!

Ah, the choices. Never, never, never renovate your house. Stick with the original basin with its marks and bangs and wonky doors. Stick with the shower case that came straight out of a 70s horror movie. Stick with the toilet with its evidence (and nasal reminders) of little boy’s aiming difficulties.

And that’s just the bathroom. We haven’t even decided on the layout of the kitchen.

Does the main bathroom have a bath with a lip or a flat edge? So do we tile? What colour? What flooring? What colour? What window? What window covering?

Does the main bathroom shower have a curved door, a big flat door or two little doors? Does it have a sliding shower head with a good brand name worth $300 or a megastore munta for $79?

Of course the ensuite shower will have the Methven Satinjet with the little jet button for massaging the shoulders. But again, do we tile? Do we encase? And that ever eternal question – what bloody colour?!!!!!

I need those little emoticons for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trade Me has been great. Mr Hubby did a quick round trip with Master Six down to Wellington last weekend (still with time for McDonalds I see on the bank statement) to pick up a bathroom window from Upper Hutt and an internal sliding cavity door from central Wellington (ever tried finding a park when there are a couple of cruise ships in port?)

But it’s amazing how many people want the same price for a cruddy gathering of aluminium as a brand new one! Crazy. Worth a try though I guess.

We’re off to Napier on Saturday to look at some Trade Me stacking sliding doors for the master bedroom. Mitre10 Mega will be next on the list  for the showers and toilets. Sigh.

Builder starts on Monday. Sigh.

Hosting a tupperware party for a friend on Wednesday. Gazillion-mega-quadruple sigh.


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