Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | March 7, 2009

global warming

Hi – this lady has kids the same age as me (although perhaps more partial to a cup of tea than me) and commented recently on my kids on drugs blog.

Thought I would add this link to her blog about global warming.  They’re not her thoughts but interesting links included.

New Zealand comes out of it pretty good – hurray for farming.

The sea isn’t likely to rise as far inland as Takapau, although a change in view would be nice.

At home alone today while Miss Eight celebrates her best friend Kate’s 8th birthday and Mr Hubby and Master Six do the shopping thing. We’ve been doing a lot of buying on Trade Me in the past few weeks, hence last week’s trip to Wellington and this week’s trip to Napier and Hastings.

Master Six’s bedroom is still trashed but Miss Eight’s room is now empty and devoid of personality so they can both move into it together for a couple of months. Then he goes into our room and we get a brand spanking new one!



  1. Global warming has jumped the shark. It’s now purely a political movement, leaving science in the dust.

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