Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | June 23, 2015

Another lovely pair of farmers :)

Several weeks ago I visited Philip Holt and his son Philip, who went through Young Farmers with me (well, I was an old young farmer when he was a young young farmer).

Lovely farm, lovely people, lovely cheese toasties for lunch – thank you!

It was cold up on the hill but the view was still spectacular.  The historic Tara’s Marae is on the right side of the wide shot of the flood flats/estuary (and the caption was also supposed to say the forestry on the far side of the flats didn’t belong to them!)

Holts Philip Jnr and Philip

Living with lifestylers as neighbours

Enjoy your read – Philip Snr and Robyn are inspirational (and lovely) people 🙂






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