Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | October 4, 2009

Keeping mum…

What a hoot. Nightmare on Elm St was on TV last night, but I could only stomach about half an hour of it! I can’t believe it used to scare the hell out of me!

In fact, I remember one night at a friend’s house much earlier on in my adult life. She had too much Bernadino/Chardon/Miami wine cooler (or whatever classy drink we were on at the time) while watching videos so we put her to bed. I walked our friends out to the cars but after they were gone, I had to walk inside alone, just moments after watching Nightmare on Elm St videos… whatever you do, dont fall asleep!

From now on, these stories from my youth will have to be severely curtailed, or at least censored somewhat. I’ve had the hard word from one of my sisters that I’m giving Mum too much insight into what we got up to as teenagers 🙂 (nothing, honest Mum).



  1. Keep it coming please – too late for me to do anything now and I could say in years to come ‘like Mother like family ” !!!!!

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