Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | March 30, 2009

just checking….

Good morning – a little cooler in Hawke’s Bay this morning (my merino has made its first appearance for 2009) but good to see on the news that my corner of New Zealand is one of the spots expected to be warmer than normal in the next three months.

As long as that also involves rainfall, the farmers and I will be happy.

The headline today says just checking…. I have had some searches on wordpress for flickr and wedding photos at Eskdale – so visit if you wish to see my photo collection.

Another successful wedding was held on Saturday – thank you Kat and Geoff for putting your faith in me and thank you to Sam and Rhys (a 2007 wedding) for recommending me!

As per yesterday’s blog about it being my 12th wedding anniversary, it is lovely to see couples still making a stand and telling the world they love each other (whether the children come first or second to marriage makes no difference these days!)

So many traditions have gone by the wayside in the past few decades. Weddings are certainly a lot less formal than they used to be, which is great, but I simply like the fact they are still taking place. 

Now if we could only get the divorce rate down…



  1. Congratulations (belatedly!) on your twelfth anniversary. My husband and I have been together for twelve years, but only got married in 2002 as we were only 17 when we first got together. I’m looking forward to celebrating many more (dozens of) wedding anniversaries with him!

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