Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | March 15, 2009

appreciate what you have

I had a stolen moment with a married man at the weekend.

Before you get on your high horse about my morals, I just said it that way to get your attention.  The stolen moment wasn’t what you think – it was more like an epiphany for how people stay so much in love with their partner for decades.

This particular married man is very much in love with his wife of goodness knows how many years, something obvious by the way they spend so much time together, doing things together, putting up with things the other does because… well just because.  I love the easy banter and body language of people who have another half – no matter how long they’ve had them.

There may not be the butterflies-in-the-stomach, weak at the knees thrill of the first flirtacious eye contact with a potential other-half (remember those days?) but the existence of that other person in every facet of your life.

A friend who lost her husband of 30+ years a few years ago said one of the things that hurt the most in her heart was glancing up at a function to see where he was.  But he wasn’t.

Even Mr Builder celebrated 38 years of marriage on Friday (we gave him the day off and they went for a picnic at the beach).  Mum and Dad were married for some 36 years and if her family tree is anything to go by then her and Jim could be married for that long too!

I have no idea what has made me so deep this morning. It may have been a movie I watched about this woman (Sandra Bullock) whose husband is killed in a car accident. They had been drifting apart for ages. Then she wakes up and it’s a few days before the accident and she has the chance to change things. Tragically, he still dies but they get themselves sorted before that. So American. So chick flick. So easy to watch.

I had a long weekend with lots of tennis games (sadly it was loss, loss, loss) on Saturday and netball training yesterday. I even went for a quick run this morning.  It had to be quick because I have to be showered and dressed before the arrival of Mr Builder!

Shower taps, faucets, swivel or fixed, long or short, from the wall or from the bath, brands, stores… my decision of the day. Next decision – do some work!


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