Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | January 12, 2011

holidays end….

This is not a long blog. I am checking my emails in a motel in Blenheim after spending the past two weeks at Kinloch, on Lake Wakatipu, which is lovely enough not to have Vodafone coverage.

I did not have the expected technology melt down with no phone or internet. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of actually taking photos on my camera or walking down to a nearby campsite to see if they wanted to share a wine instead of texting 🙂

So, with a ferry trip on the InterIslander (what a way to end a holiday…. hasn’t that tune been annoying since we first muttered… what a way to start a holiday” three weeks ago) …. where was I? With a ferry trip looming tomorrow that will return me to the North Island, which the kids tell me they are going to kiss when they land, I am going to retire from my computer and enjoy the last night of my journalism and housework-free status.


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