Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | March 9, 2009

Building is underway!

Sitting in my office working away feverishly (well, checking Facebook and reading the morning papers) I can see the builder and the plumber having a discussion about my plumbing.

Well, not my plumbing, the plumbing of my house (lol).

We pulled up all the tiles outside the garage and back door last  night so they could follow the pipes out and make sure all was hunky dory for two new toilets and an extra bathroom. All we need now is the bill for a new septic tank. Not!

Our house is in an interesting state. Everything from inside the linen cupboard (and everything that has been shoved on top of it since we moved here four and a half years ago) is now at one end of my office.

Master Six has moved into Miss Eight’s room (and was very amused by the fact that his bunk is now two single beds) and lots of extra “things” are stacked not-so-neatly in the hallway and in our room.

Master Six did enjoy being a builder the other day (although it was Miss Eight’s insistence on wearing her favourite shorts (now too small) that made her look the part of the builder….).

Here are some photos of the boys at work but not Sarah’s builder’s crack.

Thomas demolishing the linen cupboard

Thomas demolishing the linen cupboard.

Removing the fixtures in Lachlan's room

Removing the fixtures in Lachlan's room

Destroying his room!

Destroying his room!

Hard at work

Hard at work


I promise you won’t get a day by day blow of every board lifted or every pipe installed, just how it’s affecting daily life here in the Taylor household.

Walking out onto the porch to go into the bathroom via where the bath used to be is a novelty that may wear off fairly quickly. But hopefully by then we will have a new bathroom inside and they will demolish the old one!

Summary of events – Lachlan moves into Sarah’s room. Lachlan’s room becomes bathroom. Linen cupboard becomes hall way. Lean-to on rear of house demolished. Laundry and back door built where bathroom used to be. Wardrobe where laundry used to be and new master bedroom and ensuite!

“Lecky” has just arrived according to Mr McHardy, the builder. Three tradesmen here at the same time on Day 2 of the project. Long may it last!


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