Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | April 19, 2010

Pat on the back NZ

Doom and gloom can be everywhere if you let it, so here’s a nice happy start to a Monday morning – the kids have gone back to school!

No, just joking (although it is peaceful).

I want to deliver some bouquets this morning.

Firstly to the good Samaritan who helped the little girl on the train near Wellington yesterday.

The website says a little seven year old was trapped on a train after her mother was still helping other younger siblings get off. Another mother travelling with her own family, left her three kids with her husband and accompanied the traumatised little girl back to her mum in a taxi, but left without leaving any contact details. Well done you. I would hope someone would do the same for my two and that I would do the same for someone else, in fact, Im sure I would.

Secondly, the group of young guys who foiled a sexual attack in Christchurch on Saturday night.

Again, the stuff website says “The woman was returning home at 2am when a man grabbed her (one has to ask how silly it was of her to be in that situation anyway….) as she walked along Stanmore Rd in Linwood, dragging her into a reserve. Police said the woman fell backwards and was struggling underneath her attacker when the group of men came to her rescue, shouting at the attacker, who fled the scene. The group of men waited with the woman until her friends arrived and took her home.”

And the third one is for the families in Auckland who put up their hands to billet people stuck in Auckland due to the airline/flight issues.

Well done all of you.

Now, in order to be proud of me, I need to go do some work.  Ciao.


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