Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 13, 2010

Michael’s love life

The love life or sex antics via text messaging of Michael Laws is about to become public knowledge via a story in a Sunday paper.


I am not going to buy the paper and I am not going to read the stories. I will be curious, but good on him for preempting this issue by coming out on Radio Live (Hey, please finish my blog before you go listen to his statement lol)

Michael broke up with his partner at the end of last year. While single, he hooked up with a woman a couple of times and they had lots of “salacious” text conversations.  I assume it is that person who has leaked the texts to one of the Sunday papers. It is embarrassing for him, but his family have done nothing wrong to deserve whatever crap is on its way. Gutter journalism? No! Not bloody journalism at all!

What he does in his private life is none of our business. If he writes dirty texts to someone he has been/is in an intimate relationship with, that is none of our business.  I once got a text from another person that was meant for her husband – it was hilarious and I told a few people, but I don’t think any media would have been interested in it!)

If Michael Laws was doing something illegal – fair enough.  If he was in a relationship and doing something morally wrong – I say fair enough too. Stupid? Maybe. Thinking with the wrong part of his body? Highly likely.  Just because he’s a radio announcer and a political figure we need to hear all about it? I don’t think so. 

I hope NZ goes against the paper on Sunday and the woman he shagged and never deals with them again.

I feel for his ex-partner and his kids. I used to know Michael in a former life as journalist to Hawke’s Bay MP. Most of the time, in the past few decades, he’s deserved what he’s got. Not this time.



  1. Dish it up Mike and go for election

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