Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | April 16, 2010

the next Jamie Oliver

Children learning to bake and cook is a very cool thing.

Nana came up with a recipe book at Christmas time and it’s great – tells the kids what they need by ways of tools and ingredients and then instructs them in a very basic way. I’m not the best cook around – but Lachlan and I made “mountains of macaroni” last night and “chooky chow mein” a few weeks ago (he’s not allowed to use the stove so I had to help!)

But baking appears to be where his passion lies. The same recipe book has chocolate bombs, oaty scout cookies (Anzac biscuits) and thumbprint cookies, which were made in the first week of these holidays and coconut macaroons were attempted earlier this week.

But yesterday he decided to write his own chocolate cake recipe. My question – how much should you guide them and how much should you let them make their own mistakes (or discoveries – depending on the success!)

Yesterday was a mistake. Today was closer to a discovery.

No butter, no milk and rolled oats in a chocolate cake left a brown rock somewhat in need of moisture (and height – after he mixed the baking powder with a tablespoon of boiling water, like what can be done with baking soda….) “Mmm. A wee bit not nice,” he said.

So he rewrote the recipe adding butter, milk and brown sugar and replaced the oats with wholemeal flour. It still had a slightly chewy bran feel but at least it rose and wouldn’t be considered a weapon if it was thrown at you. In fact, it tasted ok!

I wonder what’s next?!



  1. Lachlan will be very popular with future flatmates if he keeps up the baking.

    When I gave up baking regularly my then 12-year old daughter asked if she could do the baking.

    I agreed with the proviso she cleaned up afterwards and – because she thought I was doing her the favour – she did and more than a decade later still does.

    Fresh baking and a clean kitchen when you’ve contributed little to either is a wonderful combination 🙂

  2. Well done Lachlan – keep it up

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