Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | April 6, 2010

Little snots

Little snots is an understatement for all the filthy names I would really like to call the “little snots” who tagged half of Takapau last night.

It’s not just the act of vandalism that annoys me (although it will cost lots of time and effort to get rid of) but what was said in the graffiti.

Added to the f word, in various forms, and a few other choice swear words and bodily functions, were splatterings of Nazi symbols and sayings – including on the RSA building and the cenotaph. Shame.

Every window of the golf club. The sliding doors and walls of the tennis club. The walls of the squash court and the rugby clubrooms. The Catholic Church. The Scout rooms. Mostly not on the road frontages, mostly out of sight to the public (assuming that’s how they weren’t caught in the act), but there, nevertheless.

Bring back the stocks. Put the loser in the stocks in the middle of the main street and we’ll throw things at them.

Ok. Too harsh. Make the little snot clean it all up with a toothbrush.


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