Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | April 12, 2010

Idiots on the road

I gazed in wonder tonight at the beautiful sunset over the Ruahines in Central Hawke’s Bay as I drove home from a friend’s place tonight.

We were lucky to see it really. Some jerk pulling into a passing lane when I was already there this morning was about one centimetre (and most of my brake pads) away from putting the front of my car into the front of an oncoming car.

That’s when you need a loud speaker to give them the distinct impression they need to look in their mirrors more often.

It took about an hour for my hands to stop shaking. It gave me such a bad fright I didn’t even utter a bad word. Really.

So tomorrow will be a lovely day because my kids and I were not scraped off SH2 between Waipukurau and Waipawa this morning.

Thank goodness.



  1. Phew – this could so easily have been tragic, I’m pleased it wasn’t.

    A similar thing happened to us near Cromwell in January and we too escaped with the only damage being to our blood pressure.

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