Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | January 20, 2009

President Obama

Interrupting the holiday to watch the inauguration of the new American president wasn’t something I was expecting. But if there’s one thing the Yanks do well it’s live television.

Worth noting from press coverage this week, well, the thing that will stick in my mind any way, is the fact that the building he was surrounded by during the swearing in ceremony was built by slaves. While he is not a descendent of slaves, his wife and children are. What a long way the world has come in the past century. In the past 20 years in terms of racial harmony.

But not religious harmony. Our world’s greatest wars have been and continue to be caused by religion.

Only history will tell whether George W Bush’s “war on terrorism” will continue to divide the muslim and western worlds.

For now, back to CNN, my early morning cup of tea, and day 16 of our holiday in the South Island. Two days to go and then you’ll get the full force of my holiday news – and boy, do I have news!


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