Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | January 30, 2009

The news

Sorry about the delay in telling you the news (and no I’m not pregnant).

My mum got married!

Not to my Dad, he passed away six years ago, but he would have been smiling down on the old chick as she and Jim made the move from acting like an old married couple to actually being one!

We had an inkling the family gathering would be more than met the eye, but it was still a great surprise.

And I now have three new step brothers after a lifetime of three big sisters!

The delay in passing on the news was the complete and utter incompetence of the HP fixing people in NZ. I waited for months with faulty sound and microphone and a couple of other things because they weren’t essential to me making money (it’s just really hard to skype!)

So I thought, obviously stupidly, that taking my leased computer into Noel Leeming on December 19th to be sent away to “the people” was a wise idea because we wouldn’t be back from the South Island until January 23rd and I wouldn’t be seriously tapping away at the keyboard until the kids go back to school. WHICH IS TOMORROW!



  1. Welcome back.

    You’ve found out the hard way that anything which goes to “the people” takes longer and costs more at any time and always much longer and sometimes much more from the middle of December.

  2. Sadly it is a leased computer so I have no say in who it goes to, in fact, I can’t even phone them directly and do a rant. I had to hang up on the Noel Leeming guy the other day before I turned into Gordon Ramsay (the swearer not the cheater). At least the lease company have given me a month off the payments, even if they wouldn’t let me upgrade my lease to include a temporary replacement option (which the new contracts have but mine doesn’t). Thank goodness for husbands with work computers.

  3. Welcome back. About time you got your fingers working again and nice too see the blog up and running again.

    Good on your Mum – what do we call her now other than Kates Mum, Mrs Rivett or Mum. Mrs ?


    • Mrs Rivett Cuthbert so I’m told – doing a Rivett-Taylor I guess!!!

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