Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | March 5, 2014

Queen me

The Queen visited NZ in 1977 when I was five years old and included the Taieri Aerodrome near Dunedin in her itinerary.

Like any well behaved young child, I snuck under the cordon rope and ran up to QEII with a picture in hand (from memory it was of a pink elephant). She asked me my name and said thank you and I ran back to my Mum, who (like me in later years) was standing poised with camera in hand.

What I would like to know, is how to go about finding one of the photographers on the other side of the Queen who may have got a snap of me talking to the great lady. I have had no response from the ODT or Buckingham Palace (didn’t really expect to get anything from the latter but an acknowledgement from the ODT would have been nice, even if it told me I was dreaming!) (lol I can picture the little dude in the TV advertisement in the playground asking the Aussie dude to help with some work at the weekend “nah mate, you’re dreaming!”)

So, for my moment of fame, here is me running away from Queen Elizabeth II, in honour of the upcoming visit of our future King.

Image (969x1024)








  1. Great to see that pic of the Queen visiting Taieri Aerodrome. I was the first person Her Majesty acknowledged when she came out of the Marquee where she had been introduced to my then boss. I recall mumbling something deferential – only later did I realise I had my camera in hand,but hadn’t taken a pic !

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