Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | October 18, 2013

Waiting for Nuffield

It’s Nuffield time of year again.

Years ago, a Young Farmers friend, arable farmer Hugh Ritchie, was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship. I think I was working for radio or the HB Herald Tribune at the time and did a story on his selection.

Now I work for Nuffield NZ in a freelance journalist role and see the scholars come and go (literally – six months of overseas travel/research is an integral part of a scholarship).

nuffield logo

Have a look at their website to get your application ready for next year…

Well. I have some time spared next week to prepare press releases and the next issue of its ENUFF newsletter … complete with details of the newest batch of scholars.

I can’t wait to see who they are and what they’re going to be studying (and whether I know them!)

Two years ago one of them was friend Richard Fitzgerald, who has just stepped down from 12 years at the helm of New Zealand Young Farmers.

I wish the new CEO, Terry Copeland, all the best. (I actually emailed him yesterday to welcome him to the YF fold … just an early hint to get my name in there for their favourite photographer for the 2014 Grand Final in Christchurch! Shameless plug 🙂 )

Right. Time for my daily call to a man who isn’t returning my calls. You’d think after getting a message from me every day for a week on both work phone and mobile would encourage him to call me back? I don’t feel guilty. After all, if I don’t get the words out of him for my story, I don’t get paid!



  1. hahaha just added a logo and remembered Hugh is a Nuffield trustee now, brownie points 🙂

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