Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | October 17, 2013

Civil defence – a boast and a timely reminder

This post is both a personal boast from me and a timely reminder about civil defence in light of snow storms and rain events happening around the country lately, not to mention serious earthquakes…

We all know we should be prepared for when something bad happens.

Well get off your backside and get prepared before it’s too late!

I spoke to Dom on the Farming Show today and talked about this… receiving three emails by the end of the next hour from people going out to buy those spare batteries for their radio, putting aside torches and food, and one simply logging onto civil defence websites to start getting himself organised.  Good to know I have three fans….

Here are the main messages for you:

You could be on your own for up to three days after an emergency – that includes council utilities, your local shop and first aid or medical assistance.

So you will definitely need: a first aid kit, three litres of water per person per day, access to non-perishable food (don’t forget your can opener) and battery operated torches and radio. If you have pets and toddlers or babies, don’t forget their needs. Here’s all you need to know to get through.

Now for the boast – click on this link to see the work of four wonderful Takapau School students and one volunteer firefighter (as well as me pushing record on the camera) that won the Hawkes’ Bay Regional COuncil’s Shortest Ever Disaster Movie.

P.S. The beautiful redhead is my daughter Sarah 🙂

Drop, Cover, Hold

Here’s what the regional council had to say:

 “A judging panel has awarded Takapau School 1st and 3rd place from the 17 movies entered in this year’s Hawke’s Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group’s Shortest Ever Disaster Movie competition, promoting the Civil Defence message of “preparedness”. ‘Drop, Cover, Hold’ was the winning entry from Takapau Primary School, with ‘Swallowed by the Sea’ winning 3rd place for the talented school.  ‘Tsunami Rap’ was an innovative entry from Havelock North Intermediate, which took 2nd place.  Hawke’s Bay CDEM Group Manager Ian Macdonald was impressed with the quality and variety of this year’s entries, saying “It’s a good reflection on the schools that enter.  These movies show off the creative talent of the students and staff, sometimes involving the whole school and community.”  Ian added, “This is a fun way to learn about and promote the “preparedness” message, not forgetting the work which goes into writing, planning, filming and editing a movie.”  For their good work, Takapau School takes away a new BBQ, a wind-up multi-function torch for all movie participants and a flip camera for the school. 


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