Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | April 17, 2013

A bouquet this morning

A bouquet this morning to the milk tanker driver who just went past my house…. going very slowly as my kids were getting on the school bus!

There are many locals who could learn from this person.

We would be quick to put the boot in if the driver was doing something dumb, so I thought I would give the same credence to something good.

Well done Mr Fonterra Tanker Driver.

it has been about four years since I last “went mental” about school buses.

Back in 2009, I had this to say …

And it earned me one of my first interviews on radio’s The Farming Show…. although as people have been telling me all… the… time lately – I haven’t been asked to go on for a while so I mustn’t have anything good to say lately! (Damn, I just discovered all my links to TFS at the top of my page are kaput, probably as a result of its new website. Gutted. I don’t have copies.)

Happy to note I have not been as busy on here because my freelance business is going extremely well 🙂  I coordinated the editorial for three rural features in the DomPost this week and am about to start on a customer profile for Ravensdown and a newsletter for Nuffield NZ…

And it is raining beautiful sweet delicious rain over Takapau.

My son is annoyed because it is his first rep soccer practice after school today, but as my daughter so aptly put it… “what is more important Lachlan, soccer or the future of our whole farming industry?” Well said that girl.

Au revoir.


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