Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | April 16, 2013

Otawhao Reunion

This is a message for the lady who phoned me from Waikato… the reunion photos are  on the Otawhao Hall’s Facebook page…. but here are some teasers!

We recently had the centenary of the first ballot farms on the Otawhao Block. It was an awesome weekend. Roll on 125th! Well, maybe the mid-winter Christmas party first? 🙂

Good food, good company, good weather (privately hoping for rain as we were (are still) in the middle of a drought)… did I say good food?!

To mention a few of the people, chairman Graeme Heald, the oldest pair – Eros Olsen and Tony James, Tony James and the Hunt boys (Simon and Peyton) cutting the cake, the cake, the Somervell siblings (on the back of the Old Truck) and the Olsen sisters… and the evening session was held at the newly refurbished Vincents at Oruawharo (the former St Vincent’s Catholic Church in Takapau – click the link for weddings).

Otawhao 1 Otawhao 2 Otawhao 3 Otawhao 4 Otawhao 5 Otawhao 6 Otawhao 7 Otawhao 8 Otawhao 9 Otawhao 10 Otawhao 11 Otawhao 12 Otawhao 13 Otawhao 14 Otawhao 15 Otawhao 16 Otawhao 17 Otawhao 18 Otawhao 19 Otawhao 20 Otawhao 22 Otawhao evening 1 Otawhao evening 2 Otawhao evening 3 Otawhao evening 4 Otawhao evening 5 Otawhao evening 6 Otawhao evening 7


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