Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | April 12, 2011

The mail always get through

If you wait long enough, the mail always gets through.

My daughter received a Christmas advent calendar from her Great Aunty Pam in England at the start of December last year, as happens every year. But normally my son gets one too.  

It’s April and we’ve just received Lachlan’s advent calendar in the post!

Sarah’s arrived in good time prior to Christmas and we thought Lachlan’s had just succumbed to the great post office in the sky. I queried my postie at the time, but she hadn’t seen it. Then a note arrived with it “we get there in the end” she wrote. There was a sticker on the envelope saying “Royal Mail – the sender of this item applied insufficient Airmail postage so we diverted it to an alternative service. This may have caused delay.”

You think? Perhaps it was carrier pigeon.

So Lachlan opened the flaps, we had a laugh and an extra special thought for family in England. Roll on Christmas 2011!

(no, don’t roll on. I’m still coming to terms with the fact that this week is the end of Term One. Sometimes it feels like the school year has only just begun. Other days it feels like it should be Term Three!)


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