Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 1, 2013

sober, burgled and bad words

Short and sweet today.

Sober all month due to cancer fundraising through Dry July. GRUMPY!

Burgled last weekend. GRUMPY!

Had to put large amounts of money in the kids swear jar. GRUMPY!

Love Waipukurau Police. (Hate they can’t find the culprit but rate them all highly anyway. So would NOT want their job.

&%&^$&^%^& burglars should get a real *&^&^$&$ job and leave law-abiding people (*&*&^%^%$ alone to feel safe and secure in their own homes.

Heading for the swear jar again.

At least I will be able to have a CC & dry after squash tonight 🙂 Yay for the first of August.



  1. G’Day Kate,
    I’ve just found Takapau on a map. It’s just over the range from my squash playing friend in Raetihi, just up the road from our best man’s home town of Dannevirke, and not that far from where my husband grew up in Te Pohue. But it’s a fair way from Coolatai (Aust) where we now live.

    • We lived on Glengarry Road before we came here… and did the golf and playcentre thing at Te Pohue. Husband’s last name?!

      • McKeesick of Rukomoana fame!

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