Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 26, 2010

oh to have automatic video

 I so wish I had automatic video sensors in my eyes.  I have seen two very funny things this morning and I wish I could show you instead of just describing.

About 30 lambs from the next door neighbour’s paddock were having a ball! Running around, chasing each other, running the fence line, sometimes one after the other and sometimes in a pack. Repeatedly. Except for when I came back with my camera. 

On the way back from letting chooks out (what I was out for to start with) I chucked some hay over to the skinny heifer and her calf in the paddock beside the house, into which our two weaner pigs have just been released. The pigs went mental over the pile of hay, rolling, sniffing and I’m sure if pigs could giggle, that’s what they were doing! Again, no camera. 

However, I did go for a wander once I had retrieved the camera from the office – here are a couple of stills from life in Takapau today. 

No-one told Lachlan's pet lamb the bottle was empty....

Six year old Brownie with this year's twins

Heifer and calf share a hay treat with the pigs

Why you can't take photos of pet sheep (Molly) - they keep coming up for hugs

Our lovely Diesel coming to say Hi (not a ram, but we can't kill him cos he won too many red ribbons at lamb and calf day three years ago - see blog on pet lambs). Ignore the old ram in the background, like Footrot Flats' Cecil he's still going, despite only having paid a dozen beer to rescue him from a friend's dog tucker freezer five years ago.

Cardigan completely ignoring me. Funny what moving a makeshift fence 30cm can do for a ewe's attention span!

Let us out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the mouse catcher... a welcome addition to any rural property!




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