Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | December 6, 2010

Spot the difference (via Homepaddock)

There's this version: Six people have died on the roads this weekend – two of the deaths after police pursuits. There is another version: Six people have died on the roads this weekend – two of the deaths after drivers fled police. Then there's this version: Police Minister Judith Collins says she's confident the police are doing all they can to ensure public safety, despite the deaths of 19 people this year following police chases. Which could h … Read More

via Homepaddock



  1. Loved your coments on Jamie Mckay’s Farming Show on the 1st Dec about eating “offal”. And yes – you have eaten crumbed sweetbreads and crumbed sheep brains as well as sweetbreads done in a tasty white sauce. You didn’t tell jamie about eating BBQ’d lambs tails – (the nice fat ones, skinned of course) or that you took them to school in your lunch. They were really tasty

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