Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 13, 2010

Wherefore art thou Dove shampoo?

Why do supermarkets of the same brand stock completely different items?

Imagine sending your partner to the supermarket (of which he is very capable, after all, he’s the chief cook around here) with a comprehensive list of what needs stocking on the pantry shelf…. and the bathroom cupboard: e.g. Oil of Olay foaming facial cleanser in a white and green tube container. That one was successful. Dove heat defence therapy shampoo for frequently styled hair in a red upside-down bottle. That one wasn’t.

My apologies for, at this point, thinking said partner was colour blind, dyslexic or just not looking in the right aisle! No it’s not next to the spaghetti!

But when he phoned again to double-check the Sa-ka-ta basil and pesto wholemeal crackers in the foil packet – one has to realise that all supermarkets are not the same. The Sa-ka-ta distributor takes the  basil and pesto wholemeal crackers in the foil packet to the Napier Pak’n Save but not to Hastings. (I shall have to buy a dozen when I go to Napier for a meeting next week!) The Dove distributor believes Hastings people do not blow fry their hair every day (fry was originally a typo but I left it cos I thought it was ironic!). Perhaps the statistics between the cities show a higher incidence of hair dryer RSI in Napier than Hastings. Who’s to know.

That’s the extent of my lot today.

I played in the Ladies American Foursomes golf tournament in Takapau yesterday – Sue and I came fourth best stableford and lost 5th best nett on a countback. American Foursomes is where you both tee off, then hit each other’s ball, then pick the best one and hit alternate shots from there.

Contrary to the thoughts of my dear friend on the Farming Show, ladies foursomes are not kinky in any way shape or form, although one lady did crack up laughing as soon as she saw me and asked if I’d brought any toys to help my game.  Another’s husband asked if she knew Kate Taylor at the Takapau Golf Course (gulp).

Thanks Jamie.




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