Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | December 6, 2010

Paying it forward

Rivettingkatetaylor is a firm believer in paying it forward or that what goes around comes around.

Those who do something not-so-nice will get their comeuppance one day. Today it’s about the ones who do the right thing – do something for someone just because they can. Help someone else’s kid because you hope one day someone will help yours.  Helping someone pick up stuff they’ve dropped because you would hope someone would help you. When you say “oh, it’s no trouble”, usually, it really isn’t! Paying it forward even has its own wikipedia entry! (and there was a move about it a couple of years ago.)

Seven years ago, I had a deadline the week my Dad died and a fellow journalist did the last few stories for me, refusing payment because of the circumstances of me having to ask her for help (I think it was only one story and she probably doesn’t even remember).

This morning, another friend phoned to ask if I could help as her Dad had suffered a stroke and she wanted to fly down to him. The answer, of course, yes, if I can, and explained, when she offered payment, why it wasn’t necessary.

Timing is everything – we only caught up last week after not seeing each other for about 18 months!

Her call also brought a few other things back into perspective. She thought briefly of not going because of the deadline. But I think (would hope) that

I felt shitty quite a bit of the weekend about a project that was supposed to come to fruition at the end of last week for school (freebie) but when the product arrived, it so totally did not meet expectations. I was gutted, grumpy and quite embarrassed for I really thought it would be a success.

But when it comes down to friendships and people’s Dads, what the hell do a few not-so-flash fundraising tea towels mean in the bigger scheme of things.

My faith has just been restored. I have deleted my last line about needing a new screenprinter….. the man has just phoned. The school ones that arrived in black have just been redone and are on their way to school in red. The others will be redone this week, with a bit more time spent on them, and I am sending them digital copies of the drawings so he can lighten or darken them up there. He will have them on the courier by Friday. Please cross all available fingers and toes.


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