Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | November 19, 2010

& another Young Farmer of the Year year begins

Off to Masterton today (having just returned from Hamilton 🙂 ) for the launch of the 2011 National Bank Young Farmer Contest.

This is a Contest that I absolutely love – from the thrill of seeing someone give their all over district, regional and gruelling national finals to take the title through to seeing the thousands of voluntary hours that go into the Contest behind the scenes by Young Farmers, former Young Farmers (us oldies) and sponsors.

It has all grown so much from way back in 1987 when I joined the organisation! Now there are members who weren’t even born then 😦

Off to hang out washing and head for school to finalise some serious fundraising bits and pieces. I think I have some paid work to do too 🙂


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