Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | November 2, 2010

Materialism gone mental

It’s cheaper to buy a new printer, complete with free cartridge, than it is to buy a new cartridge for your old printer.

That is so mental. That is so wrong.

The USB ports on my docking station or expansion base for my laptop stopped working last week (that’s a wee machiney that sits on my desk with everything plugged into it like the printers, internet, mouse and keyboard, speakers and extra screen so all I have to do is put one plug in the laptop and its all done). Nothing could be done for it buyt a watery sea burial so we forked over some cash and Noel Leemings and came home with another one, complete with a few Fly Buys points.  But what do we do with the old one? Probably throw it away. I can’t fix it. Hubby can’t fix it.  You can’t put a pot plant in it or use it as a footstool. So we just throw it out. Along with all the polystyrene and plastic wrapping that came in the box.

I’m doing my bit for recycling. We have an auction at golf once a month and instead of always buying jam, pickle and lemon honey (droooool) off the other ladies, I’m going to start taking the jars back as well so they can do it all again next year!

Honestly, our mothers used to darn our socks when we got holes in them, not pop down to the Warehouse for another pack of three for $3. They used to buy trousers too long and take them up three or four times (complete with patches in the knees) before they had done their dash with the four Rivett girls. (Do you think I have a complex about that? I was always the fourth!)

And speaking of fireworks, we used to make a box of Tom Thumbs or Puhas last all year (unless we put them under Donna’s mini at the Leithen…… lol).

Who was speaking of fireworks? One of my sisters and I – planning a buyup with Mum at the WhareWhare for New Years. I will be in the South Island this time in two months. Hurray! Sitting on the wharf at Kinloch (Lake Wakatipu) with a glass of chilled Central Otago pinot gris and some smoked trout with a light southerly breeze causing a gentle wave lap on the beach……

Thomas catching my trout on Lake Wakatipu

Ah. Kinloch.

Back to reality. It has been a great week. Finished a big deadline for one client (almost all on time) and get a few other bits done here and there (have to pay for the new docking station!)

Hey, I said it has been a great week – it’s only Tuesday. I meant the past seven days.

Golf was great on Monday – a little friendly tournament called Pauongawa (as in ladies from takaPAU, ongaONGA and WaipAWA). Putted like a blouse and still got 36 stablefords. It was a beautiful day weatherwise and company wise, I won an approach (free golf ball, which was good, cos I lost one too) and my little $5 gift was a bar of chocolate. Got to be happy with that 🙂

Today was the first bike-to-school day for the summer (someone could have told the weatherman – it was drizzling!) Funny to see which kids are unfit when it comes to cycling (two of them were a surprise – but they do usually only ride their bikes on the footpaths in town, not on the open road). We live about 4km from the school so a few from our bus run (and a few from town too) meet here at 7.45am and bike (15min) to school for toast and milo. There are two other groups as well from other directions.

(Just one thing, I need a softer bike seat or a bigger bum, preferably not the latter).

We had a PTA meeting after school today (anyone need a school teatowel with our kids’ self portraits?) and then I left my kids on the playground to go next door to the pub to watch the Melbourne Cup. I wonder how many people my kids told “mum’s in the pub”.  Mmmm. Expect a call from CYPFS. Bring it on!



  1. I won over $40 on Americain at the Melbourne Cup- YEA.
    Really looking forward to you all coming down for Christmas, wedding.and New Year at Kinloch
    I fell of the 2 wheeler so many times in the 3 months your father was in hospital – March- that I had to wear trousers to visit him (even on the hottest day) so that he wouldn’t see the bruises. Amazing what you can do when you have to though

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