Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 27, 2010

please help remove Michael

Before last month, my highest blog stats were when the gunman was on the loose between my place and Norsewood.

That was an exciting couple of days, with my blog being updated regularly as police information came through.

But Michael Laws blew them away.

One whisper of a scandal, a blog from me saying I didn’t really care who the Mayor of Wanganui was tupping in his own time and whammo, that day had the most visits. Hundreds of people were searching for anything to do with Michael Laws, eager to find out what he’d done without having to buy the Sunday paper (I didn’t buy it, didn’t read the stories on the net and still don’t care).

So my request today, is to visit, visit, visit … and give me a new best blog. A blog on nothing.

On nothing. Sex, drugs and rock n roll… that will get search results. The All Blacks. Police pursuits. Love. Just trying to get some topics in here that seem to be popular search terms.

Tiger Woods. Scandal. solar panels (believe it or not – I get at least one of those every single day).

Paul Henry and Pippa Wetzell. Can you tell I have Breakfast on in the background?

No Tamati today. He has been helping on the weather on One News at 6pm.  They better not be stealing him permanently!

While I’m here, big news yesterday about my brother-in-law going in for back surgery. Talk about the health system working when you really need it to. Ongoing sore back. Get specialist appointment. On telling symptoms, get immediate specialist appointment, MRI and admission on the same day and under the knife last night. All well this morning apparently.

And my hubby has shoulder surgery on Tuesday. No driving for a month. That will be fun. Not.



  1. Have to say, I have nothing personal against Michael Laws. I wouldn’t be in his public position for the earth.

    Please look at this statement on his mayoral website about harrassment against him.

  2. Morning, heard on More FM this morning that Michael Laws is moving to Dunedin???? Have you heard that??????

    • NO!!!!! Nothing on the net about it yet (what did we do before Google?)

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