Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 24, 2010

Swine flu cometh?

With a third of our school at home with the flu yesterday and more than half away today, maybe swine flu has finally hit Takapau.

My two kids had their first absence due to illness yesterday (much to Lachlan’s disgust, he loves school. While she is a good student, I’m sure Sarah just goes to school to eat her lunch and see her friends.)

Lachlan’s was due to a cough he’d had for a while, but Sarah had the full on flu – temperature and weak all over. Poor thing. It’s not nice being sick. She told me she wished she could fully appreciate having the TV in her room.

The good thing is that pamol is doing the trick for both of them.

You see, we are stingy with the medicine for 364 days of the year so when they really need it, it works. And that policy has certainly come into its own this week.

Sarah’s temperature has been fluctuating with the intake of pamol – almost normal an hour after pamol and burning up half an hour after its effects have worn off.  This afternoon I haven’t needed to give her a top up at all so fingers crossed.

She’s watching the Garfield movie on TV so I hope she is getting better and can still keep her arms up long enough to read a book. I don’t know how much more of Cartoon Network I can take (several respites through the day with a whale watch programme on the documentary channel and a zoo item on Animal Planet).

It’s five to three. Normally I am shutting up the office and putting the kettle on, waiting for the onslaught of children from the school bus.

Nice Mum will go outside and feed the lambs, chooks and pigs and get in the firewood – chores normally done for their pocket money. I guess if they can’t go to school – they can’t do chores?


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