Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | June 1, 2010

Size does matter

There’s a call to standardise the amount of chips you get in a scoop from a fish and chip shop. Hear hear!

Apparently they range from 275g (cooked) up to 425g-ish. I can’t picture how many chips that is but I’m sure I’d rather have the latter!

We usually get one scoop when we have a family fish and chip night and it’s enough to have a good feed without havng to shove the last one down your throat even though you know you shouldn’t.

But we had a short notice fish and chip night at a friend’s house recently and two scoops was pitifully short of the mark.

It would be good to know exactly what you’re getting.

It’s not a major though really, for us, because we might only have fish and chips once a month. It’s still the cheapest takeaways out there – usually getting change for a $20 for the four of us. Chinese is yummiest but it’s a $6 pottle for Lachlan and I and $8 for dad and Sarah – it adds up doesn’t it. There’s a new Indian place in Waipukurau we haven’t tried yet – might be a bit far removed from meat and three vege for my two!

Subway? That’s allegedly the healthiest but you pay for it don’t you.  The foot long ones are $9 each at least so we could easily spend $36 (with Dad and Sarah fighting over the uneaten end of Lachlan’s).

And McDonalds? Now that Sarah has discovered Quarter Pounders and Lachlan goes for chicken nugget 10 packs (both large combos) there’s not much change left over for a chocolate sundae for dad. I say thank goodness for the chicken wraps.

Note: We’re talking less than once a month for takeaways so I’m not feeding them up on this stuff on a weekly basis.

We do take our own food when travelling distances. But stopping at a cafe is part of the journey most of the time. Seeing new things and trying food that you can’t be sure you will like (but Mum’s paid for it, so get it down ya!)

On our last trip driving from Hawke’s Bay to Lake Wakatipu, we had McDonalds for breakfast at 6am on the way to our ferry crossing (up at 4am!) But it just DID NOT compare with the sandwiches etc on the banks of the Wairau River near Blenheim six or seven hours later.


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