Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | March 24, 2010

Off to golf!

Lucky for some.. being able to go to golf in the middle of the week…

Perhaps the person who said that to me yesterday was seriously jealous. Or perhaps they just didn’t get the whole reason for why I am self-employed. Because I’m selfish. I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it (within reason, obviously, I’m not a pig).

There was a field day yesterday that I would have liked to go to (well done Monty for winning regional farm manager of the year in the dairy awards – he recognises the voice of a rivettingkatetaylor and gives me grief!) But I already had three deadlines yesterday – an overdue MAF fact sheet on deferred grazing (bulging eyes) and three cool stories for the Regional Council’s newsletter, The Big Picture.  

Because I’m getting ready for golf at the moment (what am I doing on here then?!) I haven’t got time to tell you more about them, but I will tease…. Tutira – the jewel in Hawke’s Bay’s crown (that is such a cliché) and all the seriously cool things it has to offer; a new floating wetland concept being trialled on the Tukipo and duckshooters doing their bit to help with the restoration of Pekapeka wetland just south of Hastings. (Trust me, they’re exciting. All my colourful adjectives are waiting in my golf bag for later.)

Anyhoo, this person made comment that it would be nice for “normal” people to be able to go golfing in the middle of the week. “Define normal you moron” was what I wanted to say, but of course I smiled politely and said yes, but I work damn hard on Mondays and Tuesdays to make sure that happens. (Of course if I spread the workload out during the week more than wouldn’t be an issue, but then I wouldn’t be my lovely procrastination freak then would I?)

If I haven’t got my work done by this time on a Wednesday morning (provided I have work to do, of course) then I don’t go to golf. It’s that simple. Unlike people who work for someone else and can phone in sick or take annual leave – my show must go on. And I must be on stage in fine voice or I don’t get any money! That’s a metaphor of course, I only sing for my mum (or after lots of liquid refreshment and then I sing for all and sundry).

Right then, speaking of golf, I better go and get ready. And hang out a load of washing. And tidy the living room. And make the bed. All before hitting my best round of golf ever.

Hey – that’s a Tui slogan. Yeah Right!


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