Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | March 29, 2010

Not news at all!

North Shore mayor Andrew Williams is defying calls for him to resign after newspaper allegations about his behaviour following his spending some hours in a bar, says the stuff website this morning.

The Sunday Star-Times said one of its reporters followed Mr Williams from a Takapuna bar, where staff said he had been from 4pm on Thursday afternoon until 10pm that night, and saw him urinate outside his council building before driving away.

Mr Williams said he spent about 3-1/2 hours in the GPK bar in Takapuna and consumed a minimal quantity of red wine with food.

That is not news!

He should not have urinated in a public area, although it’s obvious it would have happened outside his council buildin because that would be where his car was parked! He needs a lesson in having a visit to the wee room before getting in his car to go home. We all encourage our children to do it.

But this is not news.

Not news.

Not news at all.


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