Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | February 12, 2010

Farmers called Rivett

It’s funny some of the things people search for on the internet.

Millions of searches are done on engines like google every day coming up with millions of suggested sites matching your search criteria in about half a nano second.

I have been interested over the past few months about the favourite searches on my site. Solar panels and redheads have been two of the consistent ones, plus Sarah Ulmer (kiwi cyclist) and Peter Barry (local dairy farmer who died in a stock car accident a year ago today – RIP Pete).

Often there is a search for Kate Taylor, Kate Rivett-Taylor or rivettingkatetaylor, but this morning there was a search for farmers called Rivett. I wonder if I fit the bill? I may answer the phone Kate Taylor and sign my cheques Kate Taylor but my by-line is Kate Rivett-Taylor (just to be different. I like that.) I’m a farmer’s daughter and a farmer’s wife, but not a farmer. Technically. I did help with the haymaking this year Mum.

Today there are two bouquets I would like to deliver.

Good on FMG for expanding its call centre in Palmerston North in a bid to help reduce local unemployment rates, particularly in light of recent redundancies from the Telecom call centre.

Also, there’s a lady on the Lady of the Lake.

The new captain of the 98-year-old TSS Earnslaw (TSS stands for Twin Screw Steamer) is  Lisa McIlroy.

She started working on tourist vessels when she was 17 and her career has included time on tourist boats in Fiordland, up and down both coasts of the South Island and around Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

(Thank you to the stuff website for giving me these two tidbits this morning – I was reading an article on plagiarism recently!!!)

Well done Lisa. I have a wonderful link to maritime affairs in Queenstown – my great great grandfather was its first Harbour Master. So before the days of the Earnslaw but a nice personal link nevertheless! (And he was a Bryant, not a Rivett.)

So I’m off to write a press release for NZ Young Farmers. The 2010 National Bank Young Farmer Contest was officially launched last night in Gore, where the Grand Final will be held in July. The first regional final is the East Coast being held just down the road in Dannevirke on Feb 27.

Lots of exciting changes this year, particularly with the addition of screening “the road to the grand final” on TV6 in the weeks leading up to the grand finale in Gore. I’m looking forward to that – I’ve never watched TV6 before!


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