Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | February 16, 2010

Politics bloody politics

Guess who’s just returned from a meeting of a sports organisation. Guess who is sick and tired of people grumbling at people who do the work? In this case, which makes a change, I am not the one doing the work or the one doing the grumbling, but I find it astonishing that struggling country clubs get themselves so worked up about the silliest issues. GET OVER IT!

Have a lovely evening 🙂



  1. SOOO true – but that’s humans for you. Rural Women NZ has a Creed which includes the words “It is the little things that create differences. In the big things of life we are one” How true that is – when disasters or big things happen we rally and work together.
    That Creed makes a very good prayer for every day.

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