Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 13, 2009

Redheads rule!

Disclaimer: I am not a redhead.

Apparently redheads have had enough and are calling for a fair go after more reports about their genetic dispositions. An American study has suggested that gingers are more than twice as likely to avoid a visit to the dentist. The research found redheads are typically more sensitive to pain and require about 20 per cent more anaesthesia during dental visits.

Number one. So what?

Number two. Who cares?

Number three. Where did brunettes and blondes come in the study? What about those who have changed their hair colour?

Hey, sidetrack big time. My little redhead was going to be the subject of this blog!

She is so not the typical redhead. Not fiery or strong willed (or am I generalising about redheads just the way the report above did?) but laid back and dreamy.

Sarah at lamb and calf day last year

Sarah at lamb and calf day last year

I was looking for a photo I had of Sarah waiting for the school bus earlier this year and the sun is shining on her ponytail and her hair looks awesome! (might add it later).

Anyway, we had no idea where Sarah’s hair came from until recently. Her dad, uncle and poppa all had slightly gingery whiskers when unshaven, which is where we assumed the genetics arose from. Then we found Poppa’s father’s family (we didn’t know anything about the Taylors before that) and discovered Sarah’s great grandfather often returned from hunting trips with a bright red beard!

Sarah has slightly green eyes too, which apparently throws back to Irish genetics, as opposed to blue-eyed redheads, which apparently throws back to Scottish genetics.

Who knows?!

She’s cool and doesn’t mind going to the dentist 🙂


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