Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 12, 2009

Lazy kids? Not here!

Some media stories in the past couple of weeks (and no doubt longer) have been moaning about our kids not getting enough exercise.

One said two hours of TV a day was enough for kids – any more than that and they would grow up with wrong body something-a-rather… obviously I was paying loads of attention at the time.

That’s simple. Don’t let your children watch TV on school days (we have the bigger issue of keeping them off my computer now that Mathletics is the cool thing to do).

My two have already had their 30-minutes push play (chasing each other up and down the hallway – I can’t wait until our alterations are finished and they have their own rooms again). They’ve only just got on the bus to go to school – their mouths will have done another 30-minutes by the time they get there!

It’s cross country time at school so all children are running around the school grounds block (go left, no road crossings) at least once (Sarah tells me she did four yesterday and could’ve done five but ran out of time). But in general at our school, we’re bucking the apparent trend of children not participating in sport.

About three quarters of our school plays sport on Saturdays.  Our school has three netball teams, one midget rugby teams, a dozen boys playing rugby for clubs at junior level and two junior soccer teams. That’s awesome!

Country also kids tend to run out the paddock to feed the chooks or chase the lambs, they play in the creek and climb trees (and huts and sheds and cattle yards) and ride their bikes around the paddock.

Admittedly we live on a lifestyle block so the average paddock isn’t as big as normal!

Sarah has been trying to get the gears right on her bike so we went up and down the road half a dozen times after school yesterday (about a km each time return). It’s all good!

Now I had better get some work done or there’ll be no golf for me today. Heavy frost but beautiful day – just like yesterday and the day before. The spring grass is never going to grow with these ground temperatures!


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