Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 10, 2009

low to high….

Friday morning was not successful for my lambing percentage, which took a dramatic dive with the death (in my nursing arms) of two of a set of triplets.

They were born in the middle of a very hard frost. No amount of coaxing and warm colostrum (that is a story in itself – sheep tipping is not my forte) would entice them to give life another try. Dammit.

The good news though, hence the title low to high, was winning a raffle on Friday night that included a pork roast and a spring lamb (processed, not bouncing in the paddock).

We took off on Friday afternoon up to our old haunt, Puketapu, to attend the quiz evening hosted by the Puketapu Preschool.  And we came third!!!!! I have never looked likely to place in one of these quizes so it was awesome to get there – we all played our part (gutted through that our joker round for double points landed on the science round and not the sport round!)

And then we won the raffle, which also included an electric wok, kids books and costumes and an amazing beauty hamper.

So it ended up being a lucky day after all.  Forgot about the plight of my lambs pretty quickly didn’t I.

At least most of the lambs around the region have been blessed with decent weather over the first few weeks of their lives. And boy do we need them. Sheep numbers have plummeted with the drought on the East Coast (although the rising kiwi dollar isn’t going to help the prices despite some resemblance of spring grass growth out there).

And the chooks are laying again! Bring on a big fat cheesy omelette. Or not. I’m supposed to be behaving myself. Time for a coffee instead.  Out on the deck in the warm Central  Hawke’s Bay spring sunshine.



  1. We’re newbie ex-pat American city boy ‘farmers’ and we’ve never experienced lambing at such close range as we did this year. The sheep in our paddocks aren’t ours, but it was amazing to have so much life and death going on just outside our door. We love rural NZ.

    • It certainly brings you down to earth doesn’t it. I love rural NZ too. Thanks for visiting the site – do keep reading!

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