Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 5, 2009

in the words of Peter Jones….

In the immortal words of All Black no8 Peter Jones… “I’m buggered.”

Today marked my first day back at golf for almost three months after hurting my finger at netball. And I tell you, it takes a hell of a lot of walking when you’re zigzagging the course!

Then it was my daughter’s netball practice after school (I’m the  coach – they’re all 7 and 8), home in time to bring in the washing (two loads hung out before golf) and light the fire and off to my netball practice. Our coach attended a workshop at the weekend so we were the guinea pigs for some new drills tonight.

Who says I never do anything. Well, no work as such was done today but deadlines were met on Monday and next week’s are well in hand.

Spring is starting to poke its shoots through… the kids were delighted driving down SH2 the other day to see the Taniwha daffodils are sprouting. Mrs Mabin has been planting all sorts of beautiful daffies for more than 30 years and they now cover a few hectares. You pay a $2.50 donation to Plunket for a bucket of blooms. Divine. I love daffodils.

We also have a few lambs in the paddock, two sets of twins no less – that’s a 200% lambing so far!



  1. 200% lambing – just what’s needed to reverse the delcine in the size of the national flock 🙂

    • impressive aye!!! And with any luck my pet cow will give me 100% calving too.

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